Current Affairs Possible Military coup in Mali


To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
Who’s Colonel Diaw and what’s happening in Mali?
There are anti-government and anti-French protests in Mali. The army took control of the situation. Diaw is a coup leader.


"Speaker of Parliament Moussa Timbine, Finance Minister Bubu Cisse, Foreign Minister Kamissa Camara were arrested. "

Political situation with elections is somewhat similar to what is going in Somalia right now.


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Go find the article yourself

not worth posting the article, after all its Africa. Surely you didn’t expect a scientific breakthrough :farmajoyaab: :mjlol:
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Well done to Mali. Only time will tell if they did it better than us and other shitholes or will they become the next country the EU, NGOs and amisom milk after Somalia?

Both priminister and president at held hostage, while the people chant get lost France. Meanwhile the EU panic as they lose access to free resources in their wh*re continent.
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Good. All countries with weak security should not have ajnabi gaals in there that can easily arm terrorist groups.

I will never trust the gaals after the Iraq war and all their lies.



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Congrats if they decided to finally remove French G#%s out of thier futos. Lets hope the rest of W Africa follow thier example.


To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
The arrested president of Mali has resigned. The army promises to hold elections.

It might be the end of the French dominance in Mali.

The last trick Macron has in his sleeve is to organize terrorist attacks in Mali to justify the continuation of French grip of that country. He will use Al-Shabab's equivalent in Sahel, Jama’at Nusrat al Islam wa al Muslimeen (JNIM).