Polygamy is not to benefit men


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Sometimes dealing with one woman is headache enough, imagine having to deal with 4.


Problem with polygamy is that many men that aren't fit for it or even for one woman practice it, while many men that are fit for marriage are left without a wife and the right to prolong his seed and his name.

Polygamy was practical in a time when wars, diseases and other catastrophes were prevalent and left women without their husbands. Today, its necessity and practicality (other than the need of men to show of and let off sexual tension), is, well lets just say, up for discussion....


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I agree. NOT ALL MEN are the same too. There is a spectrum scale for real men vs less than real men. And when i say real vs less real, i dont mean to demean any man. I am just saying, an average man usually has high sexual thirst. Its deep in DNA. Even recorded in Quran by God, that men love women, gold, wealth etc etc etc
if men where created to be attracted to more than one woman then god would've given Adam Eves instead of just Eve being attracted to more than one is lust not instinct


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One woman can supersede multiple women. :russsmug:Why seek a 4 member harem when he can get novelty and familiarity all in one wife? In fact, there's a *psychological hack* to engender desire and increase testosterone levels for the same woman over and over as though she's new.

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Waiter,,,,,,,,,,i will have what she is having! :)


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