Polyamory Increases In Popularity As Record Numbers Flock To Dating Apps!


God bless 🇺🇸|Nilotufian| Landheere
why would I want two niggas when I can fall in love with one ❤️
Monogamy for the win 🥇

only mentally fucked folks would allow more than one person in the 21st century.
No we are at the early stages of collapse.
Even today's polyamourous relationships are not fully evolved.
Today it's just middle aged s who hit the wall and have to settle but can't and would rather be a mistress to a married high value man.

Or a gay man pretending to be straight .
Or a feminized emasculated man.

This is stage one.

Soon they will try to make this mainstream and normal heterosexual males will start to be pressurized into this.