Politics is an Illusion

Politics ain't real. The debates ain't real. The ideologies are fake. The news ain't real. The pundits are paid off. The political youtubers are grifters.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why are the political positions limited in some way? Like why can't the left be fiscally responsible because they're socialists? Why can't the right be more conscious of the times? Why are there cycles of one or the other?
2. Do you think the elites of a developed country would allow a real extremist on a politically ideological level to ever be the head of state?
3. You ever notice that scandals are given more media time than what bills are being passed that impact our lives?
4. Are polls real? Or are they ways to condition us when voting? "Don't vote for that party, you're removing points from this one, and we're more aligned than "that one"." Weird way of looking at who your leader ought to be, no?
5. Why are we conditioned to not care about what goes on in parliament/congress?

The modern developed state is a matrix, where information is a tool used to control your life. There's no left or right, just the haves and have nots. Anyone with a political position is mentally enslaved.
I rememnber when I was young my macalin said that the gaalos will worship the grass outside and come up with a name for it, they search for meanings in labels, the gaalos don't have a true meaning to life, they look for meaning in these useless labels and subcultures. "Emo", "alt", even the ones who are obsessed with politics.


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