Pod-Cast - Dr Osman Responds To Cigaal-Timacade


Carpe diem cras.
Why do you hate MX so much, inna lillahi wa inallah rajioon


He's not even MX :chrisfreshhah: you crack me up
The Doctor is coming into Ghetto, just waiting for sayidka to give the orders

The Harti Jubaland Division coming into Ghetto

Harti Division isn't as large as the absame division in JL, but remember quality of harti is higher then absame in war like futuh al habash said, 300 hartis in total joined the war but were praised as the finest all soldiers.
Garbaharrey, the capital of Ghetto, after the JL boys invade, the next step is to hoist the JL flag on Ghetto just like abdillahi yusuf did when he went into hamar and hoisted the somali flag in villa somalia and said the MORYAN ERA HAS COME TO AN END.

Done. His protectors will keep him safe.
U want to see my 'ban from JL development thread' when I said the only thing ghetto can brag about is the nature(trees n some xaar colored rivers) not the people or their own work like the typical booli qaran u are? do u see me crying about it and saying the mods are protecting sade from me? the mods apply the rules on all, i don't set the rules. But i don't create a revisionist plot to make myself look like a warrior cause I was restricted from JL development thread for only criticizing that sade only post trees n rivers
Lol. Every time I slap you around, they come running. I have banter with others on here and nothing happens.

Your protectors have done their job. I'll leave you alone.
I know what u r doing, you come into my threads, u examine your 68 iq, when u find no 'answers' to reject what I am saying, U create a scenario to 'abuse me on mental health or something that u know the admins will intervene' u then go back to your ghetto folks and say look 'the dr is being protected' from me. This allows u to save face among your clans-men and divert the fact u never responded to a damn point I raised and u feel u can get off scot-free. That sort of 68 IQ game doesn't cut the mustard sonny jim.

Nice try boy, try again



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