PM sets off to Washington after mini cabinet shuffle

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Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire flew to Washington on Sunday to meet with the IMF and World Bank.

Mogadishu (HOL) - Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has departed to the U.S. capital on Sunday after appointing three new cabinet ministers.

The PM is leading a delegation of senior government officials to Washington to meet with the IMF, World Bank and possibly high-level U.S. government officials.

The delegation includes Somalia's heads of finance, planning, security, intelligence.

Khaire is expected to discuss Somalia's fiscal reforms and the path to debt forgiveness with the IMF and the World Bank. He previously met IMF officials in September 2017.

Analysts have suggested that the significant number of officials from NISA - Somalia's intelligence agency - could signal potential meetings with high-level U.S. security officials.

As the PM packed for Washington, he appointed Fawzia Mohamed Sheikh as the Minister of Energy and Water Resources and Sadaq Hirsi Warfa as the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

Salah Ahmed Jama was chosen to replace the former Constitutional Affairs Minister Abdurahman Hosh Jibril who tragically passed away last month in Dubai during surgery. Jama was previously the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.


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Debt relief should only be given if they can implement policies to bring a full stop to government corruption and introduce transparency and accountability laws.
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