Plans are under to remove fat gaas calooley with coup détat from PL

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with the unprecedented amount of corruption by gaas calooley and his co in PL we have now begun the plans for coup détat.

This can not be sustainable in the long term! Just last week gaas and co shared among themselves 15$ million where members of the parliament $2 m and each got 30k. We also have to remove the so called oday dhaqaamed as they are highly corrupt.

Coup détat is the only option and this is supported by some high military ranking officials!
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Not happening, he only has 1 and a half years left anyway, doesn't make sense at this point.
Gaas is surrounded by lazy people.

There's so much work to be done in Puntland and people would rather hadaal from their futo instead of grabbing a shovel and starting digging.
Gaas himself is lazy and corrupt if he wasn't he could lead by example.

I don't think you understand how difficult it is to be a leader of any Gobol. Everyone wants to take shortcuts.

Everyone in this thread wants to be a President.

Who's going to start the business that support a presidents developments?

Building homes, retail assets, farms and infrastructure always outlast the 4 year seat a president takes.


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Gaas himself is lazy and corrupt if he wasn't he could lead by example.
How you could describe Abdiweli Gaas as lazy is beyond me my guess is that you're oblivious to the goings on in Puntland you are just talking for the sake of talking it's laughable to be frank Abdiweli is the best president that Puntland has ever had he has brought in more projects & infrastructure & development for Puntland than all the previous president put together. He's visited remote areas in Puntland that none of the previous presidents went to
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