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    Dec 5, 2015
    I am talking about clearly our political culture only so there is no tribe needed in this. I have noticed in Mogadishu and their Diaspora if the leader does one thing they don't like or they are against, they call for his resignation immediately. They do not assess if the leader broke the law or constitution, so this shows me they are society based on 'opinions' or 'clan love' not actual methodologies like law and constitution.

    I believe PL does excel in this manner, we may not like our president decision on all things but we also cannot call for his resignation on all things we disagree.with, because well we have a constitution and the other thing is he has a TERM to finish. If we begin a culture of making every president resign because he was bad to my clan or my opinion, we are not heading towards a politically mature society based on the rule of law, our rule of law is basically non-existent then. This sends a bad message to the world that we are not nation based on laws but personal opinions or clan pride.

    This means our society then gets graded as 'incompotent governance wise' and this trickles on to affect our status in the world community. It ensures we remain in poverty and donations because the world does have a humanitarian obligation to all societies irrespective of how good or bad their governance but they will not empower you any further as you do not have the political culture in place to create stability.

    For any country to enpower you this may mean you become dangerous to the world after all your a government that changes positions, dishonors agreements, doesn't follow procedures, doesn't abide by any consistent law, you do not evolve with scientific methods or academic data but because of clan interests or individual interests.

    This means it's to risky an environment for a state or even company to invest due to the fragile situation politically among yourselves. Your really hurting your own people and society by not resolving your issues thru proper reconcilation and discussing what the root cause of our problems and how to get over it, by competing against each other using methodologies that are purely clan based and pride isn't going to win us any friends in the world either.

    So I do commend PL for at least showing political stability by not changing presidents constantly like Mogadishu does with prime ministers. If someone begins their term, let them finish it. Agree/Disagree isn't the situation, just sit there and bite your tongue till elections or else our govt as a whole will be seen as kangaroo govt and unreliable. So sit down you kids who call for PL to be unstable, in PL we may agree and disagree, but no-one is changing our president he is under the constitution which is supreme in the land. It appears southies don't get the LAW is stronger then anyone, they still think warlord or dictator is the only way to rule and not thru social agreements which is considered a 'methodology'.
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    In PL there is a clear winner. Two opposing views can not coexist. Theres no room for two captains. Let alone two opposing ideologies

    In Mogadishu, you'll find an SNA soldier and an Alshabab sharing a house.
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    Apr 5, 2019
    We are a nation its only natural to have opposing ideologies and opinions. Here in the west you can have a neo nazi and a sjw living in the same apartment. Waa reer magaal culture nooh.
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