PL marine force capture weapons smugglers near Lassqouri sea.


[Beeldaajiyaha Migiurtinia]#PIM#N&NDown
Probably sent by Somaliland which is state known to fund and sponser the terrorists in the Galgala mountainn range, good job PSF for catching these smugglers and I hope they throw they keys once sentenced.
We need more man-power and resources directed to the 'red sea' because it is their life-line to smuggle light weapons from yemen. We need DDSI to ensure no smuggling weapons thru that route either. The indian ocean is fine as they can't go such long distance without being noticed.

I prefer PL investing into 'live feed' satellites this will be so powerful survelliance, their is no-way they can operate in PL while being watched from orbit. It's not that expensive either around 10 million but the long term result for security from such an investment is massive. We need this because our population are spread out not contained.

Thankfully though, they can never secure large weapons as the facility to dock it down nor carry it isn't there. They will be limited to grenades, aks, rpgs at most, that's why they don't dare to fight puntland army as it's not an equalized. Hit n Run will be their method due to this constraint.


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