PL & International community proposed construction for Somalia National Desert Locust.

Lets now fight for the 'postal' industry of Somalia. That motherfucker is going to be a 'big mass employer' where puntites organize mails and parcels and packages at 'garowe mail warehouse' and begin 'transporting' it to southern Somalia and Hargeisa and PL regions. We will create immediate 'value add' work for truckers and our airport will be bustling with hags/samosa boys to collect their 'southern and northern packages'

hags and samosa boys will be like not MAJERTEN AGAIN :damn:

while puntites will be like

We need good industries with mass employment(500-1000) blocs of puntites engaged in that production. If that production is overseas orientated or local orientated requires an in-depth analysis. There is no point joining a 'industry' that is export driven when the global market has an over-supply of the industry your engaging in. This will lead to less profits and all round less incomes for workers and thus less consumption in puntland markets.

We need to 'baseline' what sort 'income' we want to see from a low-medium-high skilled puntite and then 'design' which industry can achieve that goal taking into consideration their 'skills' of course because skills are what brings investors. Skills and 'cheap' labour combined is what a business desires the most where-as we can say due to our govt vision we have the labour pool of skills however we also have a 'govt target of housing' that we seek which will increase your cost of operation.

This will address our housing boom goal and market spending goals while providing the skills needed to a business investor. Once they reach this stage it will be considered an 'emerging market' with great potentials to be a 'developed' market place.

A developed market place requires 'spenders' and this leads to 'production or trade' which-ever puntland decides is the best policy to grow.