Physically attractive individuals earn more than their unattractive counterparts.

An interesting article that outlines how physical attractiveness is connected to earnings.

"little is known about whether returns to physical attractiveness vary by race or significantly vary by race and gender combined. In this study, we use nationally representative data to examine whether (1) socially perceived physical attractiveness is unequally distributed across race/ethnicity and gender subgroups and (2) returns to physical attractiveness vary significantly across race/ethnicity and gender subgroups."



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"The strength of the association among income and attractiveness is also shown in Tables 2-4. For White males, Whites females, Black males, and Hispanic males, individuals read as attractive are estimated as earning approximately 1.10 times more than individuals not assessed as attractive. Tahe strength of this association differs among Hispanic females and Black females, with Hispanic females assessed as attractive earning only 1.05 times more than their unattractive counterparts, and Black females assessed as attractive earning 1.18 times more than their counterparts.

For additional clarity, we use the model parameters given in Tables 2-4 to calculate the predicted personal income of an individual assessed as attractive, and the predicted personal income of an individual not assessed as attractive (while holding the values of each other variable included in the model constant across counterfactual scenarios). The results of this exercise are plotted in Fig. 1 below, and again demonstrate that the penalty for not being attractive is more severe for Black females, and less severe for Hispanic females, relative to every other race-by-gender group examined."
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