Phone networks are backdoored


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Old cell phones networks encryption were deliberately weakened

Motherboard: A new academic paper found two old encryption algorithms still used in phone networks can be exploited to snoop on phone's internet traffic. GEA-1, the algorithm used when the phone industry adopted GPRS standards in 2G networks, was effectively backdoored that could allow the decryption of a phone user's traffic. One of the researchers said millions of users were poorly protected for years as a result of having to "meet political requirements." GEA-2, the succeeding algorithm, did not contain the same weaknesses. But GEA-1 is still baked into some phones as a fallback when there's only GPRS coverage in certain countries.
good thread that you must read

What need is there to read. It is just to be assumed that we are monitored and spied on. Don't worry- it's us stubborn religious types who they want to get rid of.

King Khufu

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They was always monitoring nothing surprising.
Of course if one is smart enough,
then it's possible to reverse engineer a patch to fix the backdoor from network exploit leaks??

Since it's mentioned it's an old technology backed up on new phones as a unused back up network service I'm guessing.

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This post is about Pineapple Routers stealing WiFi through backdoor leaks.
They can be used for (as gateways to)
Hack Labs.



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