Phone interview.

- Expect behavioural questions mostly and discussing your resume
- Check the glassdoor website for potential interview questions they might ask
- Do some research about what the company does & latest news about them
- Ask a lot of relevant questions at the end
- Make dua

Good luck :)


Find somewhere quiet and clean with minimal distractions. Take the call on speaker. Speak loud, clear and slow. Take your time to answer their questions. Don't be afraid to ask them to repeat themselves if you can't hear them properly or feel you didn't entirely understand what they were saying.

Insha'Allah you'll be fine.
Phone interviews are the easiest thing ever.

Back when I was hunting, I would have my CV pulled up on one tab and the company about us on split screen.

Did not bother to memorise shit and would waffle like I been working there. Always passed this stage.
They called me today for video call next week.
This might be awkward because I've never done a video call. We'll see InshaAllah. Thank you everyone 💓