Philosophical Zombies are the Reason Civilization is Going to Die

Some of y'all won't like to hear this. Idgaf anymore. Some people don't have a mind, and it's fkin obvious to see.

A philosophical zombie is someone who doesn't have a mind. They look like us, talk like us, can act like us, but no mind.

Evil is not being able to think why an action is a bad idea.
Evil is only finding satisfaction in the material.
Evil is following ideologies without a mind to reflect on them.

Civilization was built on reasoning. Every ideology was at least rationalized. You can respect that.

Arguments involved discourse. Because you can have a civil conversation.
How do you have discourse with a chimp who happens to have a human body? You can't. All you have is dogma.

Right wingers. Left wingers. Fkin zombies.
SJWs. MAGA. Fkin zombies.
Cuckservatives. Libtards. Fkin zombies.

Epistemology? Empiricism.
Metaphysics? Materialism.
Hotel? Trivago.

Am I going crazy? What are your thoughts?


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
Nope you're not crazy. There are so many brain dead people with no damiir it's wild.
I heard that some people don't even have an internal monologue, I was stunned wallahi. There's also a condition called aphantasia where those affected can't form mental images. If you told them visualize a banana in their mind for example, they wouldn't be able to. It's just blank lol