People who bring you down


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I remember when halssa was getting attacked on twitter and I was on a jihad defending her. I'm not afraid to do it again :ufdup:


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I hope the baby turns out healthy. She drank during her pregnancy and took a emergency contraceptive. the baby might turn out sick I swear

also I can't tell from her video if she actually took Plan B when she was 2 weeks pregnant because if so, that is so dangerous for the baby. She needs to see a doctor and discuss the side effects stat. That's a huge dose of hormones and extremely dangerous for a fetus.
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There will always be a friend or even family of yours who never wants to see your success. They’ll bring you down with them. One really good example is Halssa. pretty, dark skin, her youtube channel was so popular back in 2016. Hijabi videos, makeup tutorials. But whenever her sister came on a vid with her, you could see Halssa’s personality changed drastically. She went from quiet to ratchet and saying “PERIODT” every 2 secs. (The American accent is horrible don’t get me started on that) Halssa would have made it big in the industry if it wasn’t for her sister wallahi. She could have made a makeup brand, be the next somali Fenty or Huda, she could have become a business woman instead of coming back home drunk everyday with her sister. Look at her now, single baby momma, ig model, no reputation. Shaking ass for a living. Its her life at the end of the day, but wallahi she could have became a buisnesswoman. Mark my words, her sister will be her downfall. She had potential to be big in the industry (she could have been the next Nikki Tutorials) but her sis is a terrible influence on her and doesn’t have anything going on for her I swear. It’s so ratchet. The Miami vid was terrible. twerking on random street men and getting in a car with them. Their voice annoys me too, “YOU KNOW THE FUCCKING VIBES” every 2 seconds like chill.

i would love to see halssa chill down and try again for the last time to major it the buisness industry. People would love her, darkskin African single mother. She needs to get rid of her sister and the ratchet ness in the next 2 years.

dont let negative people stay in your lives. Cut them off
My entire family loves comparing each other like its a competition over careers,weight, looks, etc. It's honestly toxic as fuck.


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She really needs to change her yt demographic if she wants to stay famous. Right now people love watching mommy videos, she needs to change her channel from wigs and parties to baby care


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These two young women are parentless in this world rn. I believe their mother died when they were young also, so they will always have my prayers. I have a soft spot for them, walaahi. Illahey haa soo hanuuniyo. The Somali community are ruthless with them.