OPINION Pedantic political rant (sorry)

Hi I'm a new user

Probably it's just me but I get mildly annoyed when in any discussion regarding politics in our Somali language we don't understand the difference between 'state' and 'government'. The state (dowlada) is much more than just the government (xukuumada) as it also means the legislature, the judiciary, the central bureaucracy, the military, the central bank etc.

Also don't use the words 'dowlada' or 'xukuumada' when mentioning the titles of the President or Prime Minister of Somalia. Just say eg Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya or Madaxweynaha Jamhuriyada Federaalka ee Soomaaliya. It's wrong to say "Madaxweynaha Dowlada Federaalka" aka President of the Federal State when such a title doesn't exist


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The vast majority of users do not understand the division of powers in a government.

Not their problem, the vast majority of people in any society have a simplistic view of government. However, when you have a politically active population that knows little about politics as a social science, that is where you have problems.