Paul Kagame a inspiration for Somalis

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Tutsi are our Cushitic brothers. Allahuma barik Paul Kagane. I wish we get a Paul Kagane in Somalia.
In the video he talks about the changing of the Mindset of the people of Rwanda. Somalia needs a similar change of mindset where everyone says f*ck qabyaalad at the same time and moves on from their backwards thinking.


It's all so tiresome
They had the support of the international community to quickly rebuild after their failure in preventing the genocide.

Whilst in Somalia every large power doesn't want Somalia to rebuild and our rivals are more than happy to help them.

Although I admire Paul Kagame for his work but he had it easy compared to what we're fighting against to fix Somalia.


Cultural revolution
Stop fantasizing about dictatorships when you love life in a democracy and can't survive any other system.

Dictatorship are a step back. f*ck that shit :camby:
kinda? he looks full faarax lmao


Kagame meeting his somali doppelganger
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