Pathetic Kenya is trying to play the clan card - scared of reer Gedo

"Madobe, who hails from the Somali Ogaden sub-clan, is facing competition mainly from the Marehan clan, who are the majority in Jubaland.

Somalia’s top leaders are all from the Marehan clan, including the President, top officials of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (Abdullahi Kulane, Zakaria Ismail and Fahad Yasin) and al Shabaab intelligence unit (Amniyat) commanders. Even the current leader of al Shabaab, Ahmad Umar, is from the Marehan clan. "

Current leader of alshabab is Dir.
"The fight for resources by Somali leaders has put Kenya’s interests at risk, with the Somali Parliament pushing for the withdrawal of the Kenya Defence Forces.

Somalia’s top hierarchy for the last couple of years has tactfully been using other foreign countries, its Parliament and the executive to isolate and reclaim what belongs to Kenya."

This author really thinks Jubbaland belongs to Kenya.:faysalwtf:

KDF must leave Somalia.


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
Kenya is trying to use the ole divide conquer card that previously destroyed us, but it will not work this time. Our Marehan and Ogaden brothers will figure this out, I am sure of it. Somalia refuses to go back to complete chaos like the times of uncertainty. Please my brothers do not turn this thread in to qabyalad battle, instead use this article to open ur eyes and read between the lines :)
When push comes to shove, it wont matter what they say, they arent winning the sea dispute, nor are they gonna win a war even as disorganized as Somalia is right now.

Let them keep barking.


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
I remember another Kenyan newspaper/channel trying that we're colonizing them, despite facing two insurgencies, civil and clan clashes occurring frequently. If rebuilding and stabilizing our country is all it takes for us to colonize them, then they, as both people and country, aren't much to begin with.

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