Parliamentary Moshin Debate under way on the issue of Qalbi-Dhagah

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The debate is on going as of now as Pariamentarians chose to discuss the issue on Qalbi-Dhagah rather than the govenment agenda of ractifying and debating about 22 new laws.
The Speaker decided to pass the matter to a committee within Parliament who will debate if the government did something wrong in handing over Qalbi-Dhagah to Ethiopia.
Parliamentarian Hussein Arab Issa suggested that Parliament should trust the government and hand over the matter to the parliaments sub-committee on security earlier in the debate.
XamarCade I think it was blown out of proportion and had other agendas. It should not warrant a crisis. Qalbi-Dhagah was a member of ONLF who desire to violently break Ogaden region from Ethiopia and form a country of their own like Eritrea.

Somalis are only loyal to their clans, they do not care about nationhood. Alot of Somalis thought the war in Ogaden was orchastrated by Barre to free his people at the expense of other Somalis.

Barre signed of the Ogaden at the late stages of his regime just as Cigaal did in the late 60's when he was the PM which some Somalis never forgave but the civilian government understood politics in the geopolitic sense where governments are crushed if they fo not follow order.

Barre learned it the hard way.


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Cigaal signed off NFD late 60's. Barre did the same with the Ogaden in late 80's.
Indeed if Said Barre decided to not pursue the failed return of Ogaden then why should the fragile SFG pursue it? It just doesn't make sense
Tekniko some cannot fathom the truth. Somalis have ulterior clan agenda, it is not like they love Qalbi-Dhagah. Barre learned but too late.
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