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The guy Masaman is an interesting chap, but he often makes small mistakes.

Recently, he made a video on Dravidians and then included Soqotris as related to them in some of his maps. He does that a lot, it's quite annoying as Soqotris are nothing more than dark skinned Arabians (ethnic Semites) with minor HOA admixture. They have no real Indian element.

Also, the Australoid race is a fake race. Many of them are unrelated to each other for over 30,000 years. Only thing they have in common is being dark skinned Eurasians.

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min 2:17 he includes South Arabians as Australoid :dead:

Plus his own fake theories.

Overall he is not too bad, he is 80% correct 20% totally wrong.

PS. min 4:19 in that Dravidian video he mentions Horners.
It's interesting how he points out that if it weren't for the Afro hair/timo Madow, Eritreans/Horners wouldn't have been considered "Black" or of the same race as Sub-Saharan Africans by mainstream society.
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