Ouuch: CAIR (Muslim Advocacy) said 1 thing abt Somalis safety but was contradicted by a neefs

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Grigori Rasputin

Former Somali Minister of Mismanagement & Misinfo.
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Wariyaha SomaliSpot
That Indian lawyer of CAIR must be like

There's a somali saying "nacas looma gargaaro" in otherwords "never come to the aide of a shallow individual lest you are embarrassed"
they are from different qabil than that 15yr old who was killed. so naturally, they have to contradict whatever was said.
CAIR is talking nonsense. America's the greatest country for Somalis and Muslims to live in. It's in the financial and political interest of these orgs to paint us as poor needy victims cowering in terror from the evil white man so they can keep the money flowing. They're crooks. No wonder the United Arab Emirates banned CAIR.

That xalimo was spot on. Somalis are American patriots. f*ck their victim narrative.
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