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I have you sorted Maria:yousmart:
Here are a few shows that are a mystery and are psychological thrillers just like erased;
Those that are in bold you should check out first

Terror in Resonance
Death parade
Ergo Proxyy
Shinseki yori- this show has elements of magic and fantasy but in terms of mystery and thriller shows it's one of the best.Please don't be put off but it because it has magic/fantasy elements.
Darker than Black
Steins Gate

I wish I could erase my memory and which bare anime shows again
Is it worth it to pick up Eureka Seven?
I dropped it at around episode 27 as the story wasn't really progressing into anything

I sound like a bloody weeb.
Good thing I'm not like that anymore..............
Going to Japan in January to fulfill the otaku pilgrimage


Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
The story’s amazing. That’s what makes me rank it so high. Fights are good but not as amazing as naruto or dbz. They are still lit. It started off slow as hell. But once I got hooked by Arlong Park which is within the first 20 episodes.

Once I got hooked I have enjoyed it ever since.

I keep giving up on bleach. I need to give it a try again

There are users on here who watch it as well. @Adan and @YourBroMoe watch one piece as well. They even read the manga.
I’m pretty sure there are other people on here as well who are one piece fans
If you can soldier through to the Alabasta arc, I guarantee you'll get hooked to the story. The first couple of arcs are boring, but necessary to assembling the crew in very story rich ways. But Luffy's fight against Crocodile and the rest of Baroque. And then Enel. And then the fight against CP9. You'll never get bored of One Piece. I recommend everyone who's interested at least stick it out until then. Afterwards, it just becomes an adventure.
I'm interested in One Piece but I feel as though I'm too old to get into it now. Also JoJo's Bizzare Adventures slaps.
Ending soon cuz I want to read it , but only if I know the ending is coming
The manga/anime is split up into 8 parts each with their own stories. Parts 1-7 are already complete it's only part 8 that's ongoing. I'm also waiting till part 8 ends before I read it.
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