One of R.Kelly’s baby mama assaulting an officer


It was self defense what the f*ck! She had just come off a car crash, and the officers are behaving very aggressively. They started tugging her first, she was defending herself! This fucking pigs, she’s old have mercy!


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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She’s in an ambulance is there really a reason To go inside and arrest her with force?

Why not let the ambulance take her to the hospital later when she’s there the cops can question her


"You are your best thing"
what did she do that they had to arrest her in the ambulance while she was receiving care?
It looks like she cursed and spit on them, they don’t arrest her until she gets aggressive. I’m assuming the poor old lady has mental issues and they didn’t know how to deal with her


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