Oldest known Somali Literature dates to the 14th century... written in Cairo mind you

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From the Hanafi scholars who lived and died in Cairo, may god be pleased with him.

Written in Arabic and not in Somali (Somali language does not have a strong literary tradition)

By Fakhr ad deen zayla'i aun


By jamal al din zaylai'i aun (a student of Fakhr ad deen)


We have no written accounts from any Somali who lived in Mogadishu sultanate, Ajuuran sultanate or Adal/Ifat sultanate. Other than foreign accounts from Arab/Persians/European, Somalis from the horn of africa during the medieval/pre-islamic era simply did not care about being literate or leaving behind a written legacy.

Quite saddening to say the least. It's nice to read foreign accounts but a huge shame that there aren't any first hand accounts from a Somali who wrote in the Somali language. No Somali script what so ever was created back then too.

No Medieval/ancient :francis:Somali manuscripts....
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I am guessing literate people in coastal cities such as Zeila wrote in Arabic ?
Arabic was a key language back then, mind you Saylaci students who wish to gain islamic scholarship would head to Yemen, Cairo or Damascus for particular key specializations to which they were extremely well received and beloved.

This beautiful mosque in Damascus

Having a riwaq reserved for somali students from Saylac :banderas::banderas:

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Either Somalis were a bunch of censored and then Arabs gave them enlightenment or our scriptures were destroyed because of Islam.
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