Older xalimos going back home to get married


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My dear Desert Flower.. You Somali women say Somali men are losers and useless then end up bringing an ex convict revert tyrone with 20 baby mama's home :mjkkk::mjhaps::kendrickcry:
if she says somali men are losers if you can't relate you shouldn't be offended

In my opinion alot of guys are scared to call out these loser men in our community watch it be a girl sneeze funny and everybody and they mom is on her wallahi biggest bums in our community are these losers clowns

Men should lead by example , they haven't been doing that, thats why the women have become as crazy as the guys now. All the clowns need to be put in their place


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
Go get yours, there’s notHung wrong with finding happiness back home. I encourage it :)


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Some of them have been finessed. Crazy how Faraxs and Xalimo’s play each other. Some girl thought it was good idea to marry a dude she grew up with back home only for the guy to marry another girl while she’s in the west. While he was sweet talking the one abroad through text messages he was ku riixin the one next to him.

:chrisfreshhah:Not even your childhood friend got any chill.


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Somaaliweyn has 21 million people
The diaspora is stretched out and even then muster up a simple Million.

theres always gonna be good options back home.

but yet again, cultural clashes are bound to happen.

we should stop demonizing men and women who go back home to get married.

that being said, i suggest any woman going back to marry men from southern somalia especially those termed ".5” they are very attentive men, my neighbor brought one home with her, shes from Northern Somalia, he cooks, cleans, works and looks after the house.


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