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I rather not be in CL than get raped like this continuously in front of the whole world smh.:manny:
Ozil is such a waste of oxygen when you need energy and aggression from the midfield.

Assnal should have gone with coq+el neni + xhaka in the middle and big danny upfront
It doesn't matter who plays as the result is the same as the year before and the year before that .this should be the nail in the coffin for French fellow to not renew his contract .
I don't even know what to say. Mustafi - Gabriel partnership is one of the worst I've ever seen. Gibbs being the captain just shows how much we're lacking leaders. I would be surprised if Sanchez stayed for next season. Get this senile old fool Wenger out of our club please.
It is not his fault .wenger got the line up wrong once again .this is a game where you play combative guys in the middle :elneny /coq and/or ox.iwobi shouldn't be playing nor should xaarka .walcott should be playing instead .we are going to get mauled by their midfield trio because Ozil offers no defensive help .
I said this @ 1-0 . Man knows his stUff .
com'on nowwww.....niggas thought arse-anal could get a result against bayern? :kodaksmiley: at the allianz? :mjlol::cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley:

the day arsenal wins the the day global poverty will be eradicated. So you know what that means right? :cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley:

@Air Jalam nayaa looks like ya'll might miss out this season. :russ::umad:

we gonne carry that torch next season and represent england properly. :ufdup:


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