Official Somalia Twitter Account Refers to Somalia as an Arab Country

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We had a language shift around 7k bce with the Semitic language having developed locally, we spoke Semitic languages before most of the ME, and it might have spread to south Arabia from Ethiopia.
hol up so you be sayin' you wuz original semites?

the language shift was no more than 2800 years ago you agaw bastard. :siilaanyolaugh:
Most aren't , I am the darkest in my family and people say I'm an average somali colour. I have a lot of arab family members tho. Other than them none of us claim Arab
Okay but I actually got Arab blood in me, doesnt matter if they live there or not. So you can't compare your family to mines.
hol up so you be sayin' you wuz original semites?

the language shift was no more than 2800 years ago you agaw bastard. :siilaanyolaugh:
You're an idiot/ *******an.

Shift happened around 5k bce and I said the language originated in ethtiopia not the language group.
if that makes you feel better, but the train was ran on you much earlier than that.:hillarybiz:

now embrace your agaw roots :trumpsmirk:
This is funny coming from people who litterally claim lineage from men who raped their women sometime in the 15th century :icon lol::icon lol::icon lol:

Origins of ethio Semitic languages:

The Ge'ez language is classified as a South Semitic language. It evolved from an earlier proto-Ethio-Semitic ancestor used to write royalinscriptions of the kingdom of Dʿmt in Epigraphic South Arabian. The Ge'ez language is no longer universally thought of, as previously assumed, to be an offshoot of Sabaean or Old South Arabian,[16] and there is some linguistic (though not written) evidence of Semitic languages being spoken in Eritreaand Ethiopia since approximately 2000 BC.[17]However, the Ge'ez script later replaced Epigraphic South Arabian in the Kingdom of Aksum. Epigraphic South Arabian letters were used for a few inscriptions into the 8th century, though not any South Arabian language since Dʿmt. Early inscriptions in Ge'ez and Ge'ez script have been dated[18] to as early as the 5th century BC, and in a sort of proto-Ge'ez written in ESA since the 9th century BC. Ge'ez literature properly begins with the Christianization of Ethiopia (and the civilization of Axum) in the 4th century, during the reign of Ezana of Axum.[15]

Origins of Aksum:
Largely on the basis of Carlo Conti Rossini's theories and prolific work on Ethiopian history, Aksum was previously thought to have been founded by Sabaeans, who spoke a language from the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiaticfamily. Evidence suggests that Semitic-speaking Aksumites and semiticized Agawpeoples, who originally spoke other Afro-Asiatic languages from the family's Cushiticbranch, had already established an independent civilisation in the territory before the arrival of the Sabaeans.[8][a][12]

Scholars like Stuart Munro-Hay thus point to the existence of an older D'mt or Da'amot kingdom, which flourished in the area between the 10th and 5th centuries BC, prior to the proposed Sabaean migration of the 4th or 5th century BC. They also cite evidence indicating that the Sabaean settlers resided in the region for little more than a few decades.[8]Furthermore, Ge'ez, the ancient Semitic language of Eritrea and Ethiopia, is now known to have derived from Sabaean, and there is evidence of an Ethiopian Semitic-speaking presence in Eritrea and Ethiopia at least as early as 2000 BC.[8][13]

Sabaean influence is now thought to have been minor, limited to a few localities, and disappearing after a few decades, perhaps representing a trading or military colony in some sort of symbiosis or military alliance with the civilization of D'mt or some proto-Aksumite state.

Ethiopia experienced a language shift around 3000-5000bce with little to no migration from south Arabia. Unlike your primitive people we established civilization before Arabs and south Arabians.


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
You are still Somali but you are technically part Arab. Do you claim Arab in daily life?
What have you got against Arabs? If you have a problem with Arabs then take it up with boqor burhan the king of the darood Arab tribe of Somalia cause every Somali tribe came to pay homage to him crowning him not just the king of darood but the boqor somaliyeed

Don't ever mention prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his lineage bin hashim in vain yaro geele
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