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This American life
The Moth
The Daily
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Super Soul
Planet money
My Favorite murder
Best case worst case
Freshly grounded

Those are just some of my favorite podcasts, my day at work is spent 30% working 70% pretending to be working listening to my favorite podcasts.

Thank you, ill definitely check those out!

Natasha Farah was accidentally killed when a young Geeljire began shooting at someone else in a crowded parking lot. In this podcast her friends and family discuss her story.

On a crisp summer evening in August 2014, a young woman was enjoying a night out with some friends in downtown Calgary.

Natasha Farah, 26, was originally from Toronto, but came to Calgary a year earlier for work and to further her education.

That night, Farah was feeling especially nostalgic and had a long heart-to-heart with her best friend and also called her mother back home in Toronto.

Neither of them realized how precious those talks would later become.


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a note to all: i will not allow insensitive or abusive language in this thread. this is someone’s daughter and sister who was killed. if you’re not going to listen to the podcast and discuss its content or give your condolences then do not bother posting in this thread at all. your trolling will not be tolerated.


It's all so tiresome

This is what you can expect if you never take the consequences if your actions into consideration.


halal and earthy
Same Energy Podcast (funny friends)

Houston We Have a Problem (funny friends)

Camellia's Bloom (reverts sharing stories)

The Ultimate Borussia Podcast (football)

Mr. Friendship (terminal illness talk and funny people)

Snacks Daily (stock market chat)

History of Estonia (interactive autobiographical ethnography of estonia)

Freshly Grounded (meh sometimes Yahya Raaby goes on)

Young Smirks (interesting convos with western dawat)

Ilmstitute (I usually agree with Saajid Liphams POV on western culture as a muslim)