Official Islamic Quiz Thread.

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
Sadly this section doesn't get the traffic the other sections do, but I was wondering if any users wanted to use this thread as an Islamic Quiz thread.

You would search "Quizziz join game page" on Google, and we could organize different times we could all compete against each other and gain knowledge Inshallah.

You don't need any account just a code to jump into a group Quiz.

Topics include The Seerah, all the caliphates, general Islamic History, etc.

This could be a good deal of fun, lemme know if anyone is interested in making this a thing. :denzelnigga:

Halimo Supremist

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Count me in !


I noticed that I am becoming very forgetful about things I learned over the years. This would be a great way to remember again and learn more Inshallah.



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