Official - Gedo Has Split From Jubaland. JL Must Invade

It's time Madoobe deals with the break-away region of Gedo, who has left the JL union without consensus with the other clans that created Jubaland. Jubaland forces must invade and deal with Moalimu and arrest him as a tyrant working for the federal government of Somalia.
@Helios this is what I want to see happen to Moalimu

Moalimu needs to be taken before his peers in the court of law in Jubaland and sentened to death and capital punishment for treason and working with the federal government against Jubaland communities.
@Helios it will be a forceful arrest on Moalimu, we will invade Gedo, capture it, lock it down and march to Moalimu house and slam his ass on top of the technicals. MJ and OG will be arresting officers, that's how we handle jubaland diids.

And we're suppose to share a country with these verms who can't even share a state :ftw9nwa:

@DR OSMAN when are your Darod folks moving back to Zabiid?
If HG believed in Sharing they wouldn’t be genociding MXs and fighting in Mudug yearly dont even get me started on Raxanweyn. Don’t hate the player hate the game
We can fight, but it's better if the so-called landheere ogaden have proper elections and win it fairly. No reason to rig elections if you know you will win :umad:
Gedo can be its own providence.

i think the whole 2 "states" to form a federal state is too restricting and can create additional territorial/political disputes.