Oday converts to Christianity


"You are your best thing"
All I am saying is ease up on the Diana abaayo, there is nothing wrong with your natural skin color.

Teach your fellow FOBs this as well, it seems to be an epidemic in your community from what @Bohol says :siilaanyolaugh:
I called it long time ago, you must be a fob yourself the amount time you mention someone being a fob. I told you it’s okay walaal it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You found an honest job and live in the land of dreams.

Guys say hello to @kickz next time you’re at the karmel mall



I have no proof, only whispers
Why does every Somali who leaves Islam look like their soul was snatched from them whilst they were alive? Looks like wax dhintay.

They all look so ugly, why?





Boy. There are some ugly ass Muslims round the globe.

Where do you guys get this kind of videos? In Ethiopia evangelical christians own most of religious TV channels but I never thought their influence could reach to Somaliland. I thought their influence outside Ethiopia is only limited to Eritrea since there are many evangelical christians in Eritrea. But Somaliland?By the way most of the Tele-Evangelists are from the Southern region including this one.