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Non-Practising Somali men and Non-Practising Somali women: COME IN

This entire “epidemic” is in peoples heads go on twitter and search up almost any people group and search up inceI after and you will find the same drivel verbatim for every other community. Search up “x women” and you will find guys complaining and some guys simping.

Alot of these women being called whores are such and their is more fault in people saying “why are you judging” “let her do her” than their is in the few people insulting her.

Somalis aren’t going through something special they are late, the last thing our community should worry about is the black community calling us insecure lol.

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Theirs a reason this isnt a Somali thing because ethnic purists from every background are saying the same. Somalia is homogeneous we dont have to worry about becoming mulattos their is a clear citizenship law denying children fathered by other nations what more do you want. You cant save them iska dhaaf.

You don't want to be a "*****" or end up married to one? Repent, stop exposing others and stop gossiping about others.

SOME of you, are quick to call non-practising Somali women "whores" , smear their name in the Somali community and so forth, but are you not a "whore" yourself? If the definition of a "whore" is someone who is promiscuous and you meet the criteria, guess what? You are one.

1. Who would even notice or care about some random Somali girl twerking in a club, if it wasn't for a Somali boy advertising it in public.. you make Somali women desirable by obsessing over them. For Allah's sake, at least write in Af-Soomaali! You are on a public platform, embarrassing us.

2. These "jareers" you hate so much, are enjoying seeing your achilles heel, they love it and you are boosting their self-esteem, whenever you cry over a negligible percentage of Somali girls who entertain them!

3. You desire these Somali girls? You want to party with them? Perhaps, you should learn to not expose them for doing what you are doing!

Even back in the day in Somalia, there were clubs, there were people drinking, fornicating and doing all sorts of un-islamic things, the only difference is that back then, Somalis partied with other Somalis. I am also convinced that these Somali men knew how to keep their mouths shut and didn't slander the women they partied with. They surely understood that they were one and the same.

I even saw a video recently of Somalis in the 90's partying together in London, without a foreigner in sight.

If you were "better", you wouldn't be in the clubs. You would not even notice these girls. In fact, even foreigners wouldn't notice Somali girls as much.
why are u calling them jareer do u want to be called madhibaan mid gaan gun laangaab maangaab? stop calling them jareer