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Guul ama Dhimasho
Two Cuban divisions with all of Warsaw's latest technology and hundreds of Russian advisors helped them from total annihilation. Even so-called Muslim countries like South Yemen and Libya sent troops to assist these cowards. The Russian general in charge described in a cable to Moscow the sorry state of the Ethiopian army. How they were out-classed, out-performed by Somalis. Look it up.
You couldn't even take an unguarded ogaden with nearly all Somalis in the area helping Somalia. Within a few months we destroyed Somalias army :liberaltears:

Ethiopian checklist:
Destroy Somalias army x
Fund rebels x
Let somalia fall into chaos x
Have it divided into different countries x
Invade and control it entirely x

Your country is a failed state that is barely holding on by an amisom thread.:trumpsmirk:

As usual twist the facts
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