No Shampoo?

I've heard about this new trend about using no shampoo at all and only conditioner. I do the opposite and only shampoo. Can anyone suggest a brand of conditioner that will work on men?

The_Kong Dong

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Depends on whether you are a gentleman or a lady.

If you are a gentleman, just wash your hair with shampoo. It doesn't matter sxb because you will be bald in the near future like most Somali men:****aanyosmile:

On the other hand if you are a lady..........................then I'm completely lost. I don't know, wash your hair with strawberry jam or honey. :cosbyhmm:

Hope that was helpful:samwelcome:


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No shampoo at all? gross conditioner isn’t going to get all that dirt out of your scalp. What you heard is probably don’t shampoo your hair everyday, which I agree with, shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair. Use co wash and once or twice week shampoo and condition your hair.
If you go the no shampoo way ( I tried it before, only washed with water for a few months). You have to stick it out for a few weeks which is hard to do. Funnily enough the hair starts to appear really clean and smooth, and does not smell bad either.

However you have to be willing to overlook that greasy period in between.
You and me sxb. All Somalis have the cursed bald gene:lolbron::pachah1:

If you go bald you shouldn't blame your dad, you should blame your mom instead:yacadiim:

Gene for boldness comes from the mother

Yep the primary genes for male pattern baldness are on the androgen receptor which falls on the X chromosome passed on from mother to son.

However some of the genes from the father also play a role in terms of how the genes interact with each other. Meaning that some androgen receptors X chromosome are 100% protection against baldness despite the fathers contribution, whilst other androgen receptors can interplay with the fathers genetic contribution.