Nipsey Hussie shot dead

Wtf...killing another black person who is giving to back to the community, while George Zimmerman.:francis:

This was some sucker shit.
Yo, that's fucked up. Zimmerman caught a body and now enjoys life to the max without any retaliation even though he had a bounty on his head, while niggas are just killing their own for free.
A Somali rapper would’ve been holding a Hennessy bottle, few wads of cash, a joint in the mouth, an escort on the bed of a hotel and a rented expensive European car....,

This guy invested in his neighbourhood businesses. Some were born smart and others......!!!!
Well this *lood is dead n gone while we would be strapped to the teeth


I heard he was going to do a documentary about Dr Sebi and everybody and their mamma know they don’t like dr Sebi
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RIP :(
My condolences to his girl Lauren and his family.
They looked so cute together :yloezpe:



Like I needed to know his name.

Did he had a scientific break ?

How is he more precious than the Somalis getting blown up in Mogadishu.

Waar ma anaa waalan mise dadkan
Funny you said that because he was going to air a documentary on a cure for hiv through some herbs:lolbron:dont know how credible the cure was though