NGO fraudster Hanna Abubakar of GL exposed as an alcholic and a hoodrat


[Beeldaajiyaha Migiurtinia]#PIM#N&NDown
This treacherous alcoholic thθt has been collecting donations on her Hanna Foundation for years now and never built a room in Galmudug, I am glad Cayuuni exposed her.

The two girls started beefing last month after Cayuuni was attacked by Hanna for being in indecent.


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Doesn’t she have a YT channel where she talks about really wild issues in the community (like gabar who was raped by her dad)?

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
bisinka yaasinka, cabsi badhanaa islaanta wejigeed.

wey baashaaltay si fiican ! turn down for what!