Next Mo-g. Mo-band$

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"Mo Bands" is fukking trash :trash:

Somali guys from toronto all want to be rappers when they should really be in school learning a trade, or getting a diploma or a degree, because 90% of them are not talented at rap. They flat out are fukking wack. They should "get out the hood" by using the education system. Fukking xoolos.

K'naan is a great Somali rapper and that's it. Mo-G and Puffy L'z are alright but not that great. These other guys Top5 and the band of xoolos are absolutely trash, z-list rappers.

Mo-G is way better than that clown "Mo Bands".


Self imposed exile
You have to respect the hustle. These boys got no one looking out for them.

What kind of bullshit is that?

They could look out for themselves by learning a trade or finishing school.

Same excuse madows in the hood use for their wish fulfilment.
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