new police training academy in Hargeisa,

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Reformation of Somaliland
First why, Burco Las Anod & Erigavo need one there's already one in HGA

Anyways here's the article

Axiom International Limited consultants David Wells MBA Ken Taylor and Fatima Hassan have been working with senior Somaliland police officers on designing the organisational aspects (structure, curriculum, budget and strategy) of a new police training academy in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The Academy when complete will improve leadership of the SLNP and train them in specialist skills such as forensics and operational planning. Alongside this work our construction manager Jason Dempsey EngTech MinstRE has been designing and constructing the actual academy building. A holistic and synchronised approach to capacity building ensures our beneficiaries are be able to make use of the academy as soon as possible, once the construction phase is complete. Today we visited the construction site with the Head of training, Colonel Ibrahim Abdi Haji and some of his team to discuss progress and future needs.
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