New disease outbreaks in buuhoodle

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All this energy expended to defend the mockery of dead children


Whataboutism is not a valid defense against the indefensible.
You said Tukeh was innocent which is a disgusting statement to make. He killed innocent children too. Or do their lives not matter because they are Isaaqs?

Same thread page 4. I acknowledged the killings I was just against the figures.

How is this figure even legit. Did they count all dead people.

AUN to the people but 50,000 is fake.

Tukeh is indeed a criminal and allah with judge him like all criminals during the civil war and aftermath. If you remember the thread literally all you HA and other isaaq were insulting dhulbahante.

That's when I defend tukeh and that was only one post.

Either way aren't you the one who insult gadabursi in that same thread


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@shanqale should've taken the L instead of the moral high ground. My work here is done. Eedo @Reiko have at it.
He's now hiding behind Allah's swt name.

Cowards always hiding behind religion.

There was no clans cleaning. Even tukeh was innocent.


He literally said Tukeh was innocent and said there was no clan cleaning. Smh, backtracking like a mother effer now.
@shanqale should've taken the L instead of the moral high ground. My work here is done. Eedo @Reiko have at it.

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@shanqale change your name to Bill Clinton :ftw9nwa:

Do Buhoodle lives matter or do Gabiley lives matter? :cosbyhmm:[/QUOTE]

Apart from calling tukeh innocent when everyone insulted dhulbahante I did not make fun of dead people

If you read the same thread I acknowledged the death of citizens and wrote a dua for them on first and second page.

I am just against the figures


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@Canuck What would a dhulbhante prostitute know about Puntland shouldn't you be sucking on some Isaac dick since they're enslaving you?

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