Netflix movie/shows recommendations.

Love is Blind - dating reality tv show

Good Girls- about three suburban mothers. Hilarious.

Young and Hungry - A comedy about a chef who starts working for a rich entrepreneur. It’s a lighthearted show.
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One of the most random and entertaining tv shows i have ever watched, had me like what the hell is going on at every point, absolutely hilarious and crazy.


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If you haven’t watched Miracle In Cell NO.7 watch it. It’s a great movie. :wow:


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lol can you guys give us an intro into it. Please don't just write the names. I've been enjoying some of the recommendations here.

It's like dexter meets scream queens. In fact, the creator of the show also came up with Dexter. I clown my cousin for watching this show but I got hooked myself


It's about a bullied fat girl (Fatty Patty) that lost a lot of weight and enters the beauty pageant world with the help of her lawyer coaching her to reach the very top. Enemies, peers, colleagues happen to be dying around her mysteriously...


I'm so upset that they canceled this show. A lot of sjw boycotted this show, which just tells you that it's THAT good. Very underrated imo.

Rating: 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐



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why are popular shows/movies on Netflix are either horror or satanic, have you guys noticed that ?

Like the new series called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, scary staff how the are normalizing the glorification of shaitan nacuudu billah.

DAJJAL has his connection my brother fear allah

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