Nearly A Third Of Women Have Gone On Dates Just For Free Food, Survey Finds

Something most men who date knew. There are so many women in their 20s who are broke and hungry out. Be careful guys. Dont take her to restaurant first 3 dates. Coffe shops and walks in the park......let these gaajo earn their meal


And most men go on dates for sex so what? Meals aren’t expensive lol if UK Halimos put out for nandos(seen like three softest cases posted on here) why not take one along every time your getting a meal there


It's all so tiresome
Why would you care? Better use of my money than video games.

You'll spend on a lot more on dumb shit if you want to have a family.

Get used to the lifelong finnesing. :manny:
I actually don't mind this. Unless she can't hold a convo. Paying for a meal without expecting sex isn't that radical. It also doesn't mean she won't change her mind and jump in your bed anyway.
Not to sound racist or self-hating, but I suspect this behaviour is limited to a particular demographic.

I cannot fathom forcing myself to spend time with someone in order to receive free food.


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