Near death experiences

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how do i use this
Damn you're lucky to be alive alhamdulillah

I can't help but laugh. I choked on baasto once and my life flashed before my eyes nacalaa
my life flashed before my eyes also. seeing light for the first time, i saw myself in my hooyos arms, cycling for the first time, going to school for the first time, and my hooyo making malawax for me.

life is short.


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Story time:

pissed hooyo off too badly one time my life flashed before my eyes lets just say i haven't ran so fast in my life i had to run up the stairs at 180km/h or else her deadly aim would get me. Almost broke my toes and my neck from looking back too many times , anywho feels good to be alive.

other than that alhamdulilah god hasn't tested me with a proper near death experience.... yet. :samwelcome:

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i got hit by a bus and was in a coma for a week.

got that compensation money though :mjswag:

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Are you serious now?

Have they told you that you might have a long term affects? Like you might have an early onset of dementia like American football players ?
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