Genetics Neanderthal Dna

I have seen my Neanderthal dna is pretty high compared to other somalians im infact the highest one in my relatives list on 23 and me what does this mean do you guy’s believe in Neanderthal dna or is just cap from the gaalos ? View attachment 140835
All non africans have neanderthal DNA, homo sapiens mixed with neanderthals who lived in Europe and Asia. Whites and Arabs have the most neanderthal DNA.
The only africans who have neanderthal are somalis, ethiopians, eritreans, some cushitic mixed kenyans and a few fulanis in west Africa.
We got this neanderthal dna from middle eastern neolithic migrants who migrated to africa and gave us at least 40% of our ancestry.
It's perfectly normal for somalia to have a little bit of neanderthal, it would be weird if you had zero


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