NBA just boycotted the playoffs

Do you support the NBA players boycott

  • Yes, Good for them

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • No, Get out there and play

    Votes: 4 80.0%

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Y'all talking bout LeBron like nigga was acc gonna win the ring this year :heh:

Bucks would raw dog him no brainer. Raps went 2-0 against lakers this year maybe if Celtics pull off a shocker and make finals he'd win but what's the likelihood of that. This is me being generous and saying he even makes it past the 2nd round and conf finals fukk lebum :mjlol:
LeFraud is scared but whats Kawai excuse?


It's all so tiresome
This is just making Trump's win even more of a guarantee.

Landslide incoming.

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
Why they mixing hot button social issues with fuckin basketball. Every player in the NBA is a millionaire either way, dis all for show.


They gonna lose alotta fans now. If NBA keeps doing this no one will watch
You sound like them alt right niggas who say they’ll boycott watching the league cause the league stood with madows. The NBA isn’t the NFL it’ll never lose its audience.
It takes guts for NBA players to boycott and even consider cancelling the season. LeBron would be deprived of a chance to get a 4th ring and really enter the GOAT conversation. Kawhi won’t be able to prove he was the sole reason for the Raptors chip. The Bucks won’t be able to prove to Giannis that they can win. The Raptors won’t be able to prove that it wasn’t all Kawhi (they were well on their way to doing this)

To end the season with so many unanswered questions takes balls. But from a fan perspective, I hate it because I’m forced to watch old highlights instead of live games.