NBA guy banned from Chinese CBA because he was messing around with Chinese wimeen


With great power comes great electricity bill

I guess they have a point. Niggas there are already starved for women can't be adding more competition.


No dictator can imprison a population forever.
You can smash all the girls but they really dont like gusy posting it. Plenty of white guys got in trouble after posting similar things,

LOL at th angry chinese cucks in his mentions



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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
something has to be said about the oversexualized nature much of black men exude. its like they are walking talking penises, bilaa aqli wallhi. they go on about every single women on earth and sexualise them and then wonder why they are seen as useless sexual objects by some
looks like he took a pic with a stripper...what a fool to mess his money up so he can look cool on social media. I would get it if he was a teen, but he is 32 lool
Mmmmmh, if you visit certain African countries and C 4 urself the way Chinese, whites and Arabs exclusively date and reproduce with the most elegant African women inc pre war Somalia you’d be surprised and when the tables are turned all of the sudden they cry foul play.

It’s not always good to be anti black reer somalispotey, it might one day backfire.