nabad iyo nolol progress

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Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
Kkkkkkk ferrari, the one man mucaarid from JL. War ninyahow saan si mahan, wheres tolka :damn:

When we become muraacid the forum gets flooded :browtf:
Mukhtar Roobow is a ruthless terrorist he's committed heinous crimes against the people of Somalia. We will go into every hell hole these animals hide in and bring them to face justice. The KDF stooge ICU member blackie will get the same treatment unless he goes like Sharif Saakin.
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This government is one of the few somali governments which have made tangible changes on the ground.The professionalism of the government as well as its repeated track record to garnering funds further reinforces my point.

Instead of thinking in a haze of qabyaalad you should begin benefiting the community.
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