My type of Somali female

She gives me lesbian vibes. That’s what you like :tacky:
She lesbian, I came across her insta. That girl needs dhaqan celis quick to the miyi/baadiyo. 12 months of quraan akhris, learning gabay or buraanbur and living off on eating camel and goat meat and drinking caano geel. Will change her from a americanized lesbian to a real muslim Somali women. May Allah guide her
I would love to marry her and give me 6 months, she will become feminine and submissive and sheekhat

she will be walking around with pink dirac and pink coloured toe nails and say to her girlfriends agah look at my big wedding ring Teeri gave me

i specialised at Uni in turning tom boy girls into really feminine girls, she will be screaming with in weeks oh my God honey you turned me into a ladyyyyyyyyyyyy

she will be Saying Agah 40 times a day



high quality fob
I don't feel uncomfortable dating this type, they make you feel that they have a ****. Very uncomfortable :susp:


Just another day for the Ciyaalsuuq Philosopher
I dunno why but I can imagine this trapqueen also pimps out young broads.
She say she don't smoke but her rolling skills are immaculate......yea right:childplease:

adam hassan

Cruising down a beach
:mjlol:nacalaa she hit the chronic, her lesbian friends gonna use her like cheap tissue when she passed out. she needs some geel piss, best rehab out there