My thoughts on transwomen invalidating actual women and stealing our experiences


Everything I touch turns into SOLD
The whole age is a social construct is already being picked up. This man abandoned his family to be adopted by an elderly couple as a 6 year old girl. :dead:
Oh my. That is actually VERY disturbing, I tried to use it as a point, but damn, the alphabet wizards already done it. IT is escaping his adult responsibility for this filth, AND IT HAS 7 KIDS. Imagine your aabo is known as the transgender 6 year old :mjlol:

Allahimdullah for the blessings of Islam, cause this is stupidity on the highest level.

Not even surprised at this point that this is where things are going. Being a woman is not just about having breasts or female genitals. I have distanced myself from the liberal community and was once a very liberal person cause of how ridiculous the community is. Remember laverne cox the trans celeb? She basically blamed black women for black men being transphobic. I'm telling you I stopped associating with liberal communities for a reason.


halal and earthy
These creatures are nasty p3do racists. This is mainstream though. At my university we have to use "pronouns" in class and many people have it on their email sigs. Women's spaces aren't safe. Women's opinions are invalidated. This liberal BS is just conservative western politics with a shiny new coat. Black women supporting these mfs while they carry on with this madness are c00nettes and deserve all of the abuse they willingly endure in the tranny and tranny handmaiden community.


halal and earthy
Take the mutilated male from the show Pose for example. His boyfriend is a known r@p1st who has abused black women. He doesn't have any heat for his predator boyfriend however and blames black women for all of his problems as a science experiment. Trannys sleep with closeted males and prostitute themselves to strangers and get killed messing with their "clients" normal life outside of this perversion (these closeted men usually have a wife and kids smh astagfurillah) then they get killed. Do they blame the men that killed them? No! Do they blame themselves for provoking such attacks? No! Instead they blame black women for being unapologetically and naturally woman and female- something they will die trying to emulate and never coming close to achieving.