My Thoughts On Interracial Relationships and 'Supposed' Male Hypocrisy

Somalis shouldn't worry about race-mixing at all. Our ethnic identity will always be secure, since it's passed down through the Father in our culture & diin.

There's a whole world out there filled with beautiful Women from different nations, never limit yourselves in this life.
Meanwhile somewhere in MN/Europe a cuckee is muttering under his breath “she is of Cushitic breed. Back off porch monkey”:dead:


Wallahi a text full of wisdom. Allah said clearly in the Quran lineage is through the father. If a woman marries out, her children are NOT Somali anymore. Let them marry out, but they shouldn't claim us.

But this xaliimos are so funny and delisional. One day they are feminist who want the same rights and treatment when it suits them, and another day they want tradional treatment and demand 10 k meher or you working for (feeding) them.

May Allah bless you and your wife that you have taken to OUR Land and culture, to increase OUR population.
10k Meher is cheap, qasaro waxit!
Little do those fucking neefs know is that Somalis aren't "racially pure" in the first place lmao.

Only losers care about non-issues like that.
They're forgetting one thing the moment you try to shame a Somali girl/warn her about interracial marriage is the moment you've cucked yourself. The sooner Faraxs and incels know this the better because it won't change anything infact they will just rub it in your face like a rebellious child. I am not even joking


Inshallah when I have a daughter, I'd be more concerned as a father on whether or not her potential spouse is a good Muslim with good akhlaaq. Everything else is either secondary or irrelevant--ethnicity/qabiil/race is definitely irrelevant.
10k Meher is cheap, qasaro waxit!
Well this is a discussion for another thread. Let me answer this way. One can only demand as much as he can offer. In other words, if a woman is very pretty, religious, has never been with another man before and is willing to be a obidient, loving and supporting wife to me, i'd say forget about 10 k she can demand whatever she want.

But if a xaliimo had for examples other men before me, well why should i pay even 1 k for what, other men had for free ?

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Brother with all due respect we should be open and inclusive... I'm not against somali women marrying out.. They should be free to do as they please.. Their children would be half Somali same as if a guy marries out.
These idiots actually think they can cancel out genetics. If a child has a Somali mother, they are half Somali and it will show up in any genetics test, SIMPLE AS. Only complete and utter retards will claim that the child is 0% Somali, just because the father is an ajnabi.
On another thread, forum member @Abdisamad3 asked the question, why do we Somali men, get mad when a xalimo marries out? The answer is, we're not cucks. Apart from cuck westerners and east Asians, every other race/people groups, do not allow/want their women marrying out and breeding for another race/ethnicity.

In this world, the offsprings of a couple, follow the father, not the mother (only Jews have it the other way around) The children take the father's name, and the father's clan/tribe/race.
Why do you think in world history, in cases of conquests, why were the womenfolk spared and the men killed off? Thats because the women folk increase the numbers of the conqueror, even if those women be of races deemed inferior to the conqueror's race. In this world it's acceptable for a man to go and plant his oats in women of other races, because of what i have stated above. But, a woman doing the same thing is unacceptable, because she's decreasing her race/ethnicity. Its pretty simple.

Last year, there was outrage in Uganda. What was happening was, a tonne of Chinese men, were coming to Uganda and marrying Ugandan women. Now, it's absolutely fine for those Chinese men, to go and marry a bantu woman, because the children from those unions will have chinese names. Now, if it was the otherway around, no chinese man would have a bantu marry and mate with his sister.

I am married to a beautiful women from Cape Verde, and we have a little girl together, with another on the way (In Sha Allah) Now, my children, have my name, they have my qabil, my daughter speaks Somali, so to will my other child (In Sha Allah) It's because of that, they are Somali.

My personal view is, if a Somali woman wants to go and spread her legs and breed for a cadaan, madow, arab man, then so be it. But what i don't like and don't want to see is for her to then call any children she has with another race, Somali. I do not accept an cadaan, madow, arab looking individual, with an cadaan, madow, or arab name, as Somali. That's how the world works.

I agree with almost everything lkn the part where you say

"she's decreasing her race/ethnicity" I disagree with this,

"if a Somali woman wants to go and spread her legs and breed for a cadaan, madow, arab man, then so be it."

I think that's emotions talking, if a gabar soomaaliyed chooses to marry a non somali who is Muslim and on the deen than I say Alhamdulilah good for her lkn if he is gaal than that's between her and Allah.

Our existence on the face of this planet is quiet limited and we should focus on why we are here and where're we headed, cuz let's be honest with ourselves there will be no such thing as a Somali,caadan,black,asian or whatever in jannaha (I hope we all end up in janna) we are not going to look the way we do now. What's the point of worrying about who marries who.

Before I wanted to marry 4 gabdhood oo somali ah lkn now I'll limit that to 1 and spread the rest of my seeds across the planet 2nd wife gabar oo indian ah, 3rd gabar oo European ah iyo the 4th place goes to gabar latina ah, I don't know why lkn a have a thing for them:ahh:

Finally, marry who you want to marry just focus on the deen of Allah and you will be successful and may we all enter janatu fardows, (for those who don't know it's the highest level of paradise, you welcome:))