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My opinion of the complaint that Somalis backstab each other

This my take: From what I’ve read about pre colonial Somali culture, the main core principles seem to be independence and it comes off as a type of competitive approach to life. I do believe that the community is as only as strong as the individual and people will try to help you if they see you trying yourself. I feel that a lot of the hostility and qabil wars is maybe that subconsciously that we see equality as shame and that we thrive off combats, either physically or mentally. I think Somalis actually get along better with each other when they can fight each other. I don’t mean like war , but maybe challenging in court or games, Somalis’ ego thrives on proving themselves and it builds character. I’ve learned so much from debating with people with radically different views than me and even playing games. I think there should a more intervention on introducing broad games, martial games and survival/hunting games to the Somali community. This just my opinion but what do you think ? Have anyone here ever challenged someone here on debates or anything and even though there was anger at times, at the end you gain some knowledge or actually ended up becoming friends afterwards?

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